With Vision Optical, you can expect competitive prices, great service and trendsetting fashion eyewear.

Onsite Optical Lab

Our onsite optical lab allows us to offer same day service! In fact, with our skilled team and the most advanced technology available on the market, our specialists can handle challenging fits and custom jobs in-house. With a large stock of materials on hand, we can confidently provide your prescription with perfect accuracy-guaranteed!

Two Year Warranty

We have you covered too! Your eyeglass purchase is covered by Vision Optical’s two year pro-rated warranty. Your eyeglasses will be covered 100% for the first three months against any manufacturer’s defects. For the next six months, eyeglasses are covered for 75% of the replacement cost. After that, eyeglasses will be covered for 50% of the replacement cost for the remainder of the two years.

We’ll also assist you by submitting your insurance claims and be sure and ask us about the Vision Benefit Discount Program for local business members.