Contact Lens Care

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  • Wear and replace contact lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your eyecare professional.
  • Always wash your hands with an antibacterial or a lotion and moisturizer free hand soap before handling your contact lenses or touching your eyes.
  • Contact lenses should not be rinsed with water (tap or sterile water).
  • Do not put lenses into your mouth to wet them. Saliva is not a sterile solution.
  • Follow specific contact lens cleaning and storage guidelines from your eyecare professional or solution manufacturer.
  • During cleaning, rub your contacts with your fingers, then rinse the lenses with solution before soaking them, even if your solution says no rub.
  • Wash your contact lens case regularly with hot, soapy water, then rinse and air dry. Replace often.
  • If you experience redness, visual blurring or pain, remove your contacts at once. If the symptoms subside, the lenses can be cleaned and reinserted. If the lenses are removed and the symptoms do not subside or reappear upon reinsertion, remove the lenses and call Vision Optical immediately.